Advanced SystemCare 6.2 : A great Computer Tools

So, lately I realized that my netbook is becoming more slower than ever as the only available space left is only around 3 Gigabyte (GB), so I've tried everything to make it lighter and faster, and lots of method have been used. I've downloaded tons of application online, not to mention, changing the

Cleaning up the netbook

The netbook have just repaired and its takes some time for me to adapt with this keyboard's keys arrangement. Now I'm back with the classic old and super thick netbook! :D Most of stuff still haven't deleted.. There's my super abundant collection of

How I know about One Direction

I'm having some assignment to be done right now. It's 1:43 A.M. right now and I left my laundry outside at the end of the dorm. It's actually outside of the dorm. I think I need to go and get it now. I've got class tomorrow and I don't know what am I doing. Bye for a few minutes. BRB.


Black Screen of Death on Windows 10

Hahaha. As you can see my previous post about how I deleted Komai's game and things get pretty out of control. So what happened was I got this black screen and was like heebie-jeebies thinking that Komai will return in a few days more. So I took out Komai's old laptop and started searching for solution and found the Windows Insider forum and immediately signed in. And and and and...
I started making a long essay, describing what had happened to support the question. Five minutes or so, I receive an email saying that someone has replied my question.. That person told me like everything I need to do and without thinking, I tried. However, some settings were different and it's not very difficult once you know what you're doing. I still don't know what I'm doing but it works.